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Hiring A Photo Booth is a Great experience, here are 5 reasons why..

5 Reasons To Hire A Photo Booth

I have written number of blogs and produced a few videos on our Photo Booths and the benefits of booking one for your wedding reception. In this blog I will give you my concise Top 5 reasons why you should hire our Photo Booth.

1. Cost

Our Photo Booth hire is only £345 to hire for three hours, usually from 8.00-11.00. On average a wedding will host at least 80 guests which would mean the cost per head would be roughly £4.31, which is less than a Big Mac Meal at £4.59. Your guests can use the Photo Booth as much as they like, plus each time they do they get a photo to share and keep for a lifetime. 

2. Momento 

As a couple you receive a hard back guest book to with all your photos and messages from your guests to look back on. This will be given to you on the evening itself so the next morning you can look back and laugh at all your friends and family in all their silly poses. 

3. Popular For All Ages

I have to say when I first got the Photo Booth I thought it the older guests wouldn’t be interested. How wrong I was. The Photo Booth is popular for all ages, so you can get the pictures of the grandparents holding their grandchildren which I always think is a lovely photo to share.

4. Fun & Laughter

I remember with great fondness our first ever Photo Booth booking, I remember how everyone came out of the booth laughing and joking waiting with excitement to see their photos. I now know that happens every single time, with every guest and with every photo. They are pure silliness and joy, a reason for your guests to laugh and joke and share the memory of your day. That photo that gets pinned to the fridge and brings a smile to your face every time you look see it. 


"They are pure silliness and joy, a reason for all your guests to laugh and joke and share the memory of your day".

5. Online Gallery

Our Online Gallery is our Unique Selling Point which goes hand in hand with the last point. The best part of the hiring the Photo Booth is sharing the pictures with all your friends and family. Our Online Gallery was designed for this very purpose. We want you to relive those moments over and over again. Watch our video which explains this service in more detail. Our Online Gallery free of charge and comes as part our Photo Booth experience.