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Our White LED Dance Floor Will Give Your Evening Reception A Touch Of Elegance

5 Reasons To Hire Our White LED Dance Floor

As I have mentioned in my previous videos and blog, I love our White LED Dance Floor. I fell in love with it the very first time I saw one at a wedding I was helping a friend at. This is when my DJ career was still in it’s infancy. There was no way I could afford one at the time nor did I have all additional resources required such as transport and storage to name just two. So it went on the back burner for nearly ten years. 

In 2018 we purchased our Dance Floor and it has gone on to become very popular with bookings coming in most weeks. For those that haven’t considered having a Dance Floor or maybe those that are thinking about it but still not sure here are my Top 5 Reasons to book our White LED Dance Floor.

1. The WOW Factor

As I said in my opening paragraph I instantly fell in love with the White LED Dance Floor because it gives the room that WOW factor. As you day guests leave the room and then come back in when the room has been changed around for the evening reception, you can see and hear gasps as they see how much to the room has changed. I love seeing that reaction. The Dance Floor gives the room a complete lift, it gives it that extravagant feel. When you see the DJ set-up and add in some Up-Lighters it completely brings the room to life, which leads me onto my next point. 

2. It Brings The Room To Life

By adding the Dance Floor it completely transforms the look and feel of your evening reception. It completely brings a room to life. It adds that touch of class and elegance. Without wishing speak out of turn some rooms in Hotel can look a little drab. This can also be said for villages halls and rustic barns. By adding the Dance Floor, the DJ set-up and the Up-Lighters as I mentioned previously it instantly transforms the room and encourages people to dance.

3. Encourages People To Dance

Some venues don’t provide a Dance Floor so you just have this empty space. By adding a Dance floor and even more so a Dance Floor that looks as stunning as a White LED Dance Floor it gives the room a focal point and will encourage your guests to dance. I have seen so many pictures being taken of guests dancing on the dance floor, especially (he says reluctantly) those songs with actions. 

4. First Dance Photos

One of the best things to do with the Dance Floor is to turn off the twinkling lights before the couple have their First Dance, then turn them on when they step onto the Dance Floor. This makes for a great entrance and makes the couple’s First Dance a little more special. It’s a great effect if you have hired a videographer plus your pictures will look stunning, like you are dancing on stars.

Our White LED Dance Floor totally transforms the look and feel of your room. It gives your Evening Reception that WOW factor.

5. Kids Love It

A White LED Dance Floor is every kids dream. Honestly all they want to chase the twinkling lights on the Dance Floor. I explained earlier the reaction as guests enter the room after it has been transformed, as much as I love the reaction of the adults for the kids the White LED Dance Floor looks magical. The little guys..well the knee slides will continue throughout the evening. So many picture opportunities of your little ones and their magical reactions to the Dance Floor.