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The biggest mistake made is making your music choices too personal.

You Need To Entertain All Your Guests

Put simply the one thing you need to do above all else is choose music which is familiar to your guests. It sounds so simple but it’s so true. Far too often couples choose music which is personal to them forgetting the objective is to ensure ALL your guests dance and enjoy themselves.

I must say, not all your guests will dance for a number or reasons. I have written a blog on this subject. Even those that don’t dance (myself included) will always appreciate good music which is familiar to them.

I understand how incredibly personal your wedding is. Every possible detail has been well thought of, every eventuality considered, every what if, but and maybe poured over. The evening reception is the part where you have to let go and trust your DJ to look after you and your guests. 

Your DJ’s responsibility is keeping everyone entertained. By choosing music which is too selective, too limiting and too personal makes a DJ's life very hard work. In essence by doing this, you are stopping your DJ looking at the evening as a whole and playing music which he feels best fits that time. 

If your DJ is playing music you have chosen and for whatever reason those songs aren’t working your guests are going to blame your DJ not the choices you have made. 

So where do you start? Where do you find music which everyone knows and hopefully dance to? I always look for inspiration from playlists which have been created on Spotify. That’s not to say I think every song will work but it gives me a good idea of well-known music which is familiar to all ages. 

If we take this Playlist for instance. On here you’ll find 500 songs, most of which are well known. I believe by taking a good selection of these songs you will have most of your guests dancing all night.

You might now be saying "I don’t like a lot of those songs". This is what I was referring to earlier. Your DJ's role is to keep everyone entertained, from the very young to the little older and everyone in between. It’s his job to play music to suit all ages. It’s a tricky role, made more difficult when guided by song choices which don’t suit everyone. 

I can not stress this strongly enough, the more familiar your song choices are the more people will dance. I have learnt this from my twelve years of being a DJ. I have had some incredibly difficult evenings where I have been asked to play only a certain genre of music, or not play certain genres of music or only play a particular set of songs. I have also been requested not take guest requests. By doing this you are tying your DJ up in knots and making his evening very difficult. 

Once again the more limitations you put on your DJ the more restricted your evening will be. I can assure you wholeheartedly your DJ wants nothing more than a full dance floor and everyone enjoying themselves. He knows what music to play at the right time given his experience. Allow him to do so and trust him to entertain your guests. After all, that’s what you hired him to do.


Trust your DJ and choose music which is familiar to your guests.

Let me be clear, I am not saying don’t choose music which is personal to you. There are some songs which have to be added as they enhance the evening. For instance, the song which reminds you of your Hen party or Stag Do, these songs always get good reactions. Songs that you and your friends grew up with, which remind you of nights out always add those.

You might have a song which reminds you of a family moment, again add those. Songs which mean something to you and those close to you should always be included. Your wedding is about sharing special moments like these.

Choosing music and trusting your DJ is a subject which I have spoken about a lot. It’s the simplest thing to do but often the biggest mistake couples make. 

For a more detailed look at this you can watch my YouTube video explaining how an evening reception is structured and what music should be play at what times. 

I have also recorded a Podcast where myself and Rob (a good DJ friend of mine) explain some the common mistakes couples make, which I have briefly detailed in this blog.

To conclude, trust your DJ to entertain your guests, choose music which is familiar to people, choose songs which have a special meaning to you and your loved ones and understand not all your guests will be dancing.

I promise you, if you do this you have every chance of having the evening reception you always dreamt of.