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In this blog I wanted to clarify some of the common mistakes which are often made when booking a DJ.

Five Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring A DJ

This year I have written a number of blogs and produced a number of videos all about booking a DJ and the questions to ask. I have highlighted our DJ Services, informed you why your guests may not dance and detailed how an evening reception works. The common thread throughout this is that without the knowledge and experience of a professional DJ, mistakes can be made. In this blog I wanted to clarify some of the common mistakes which are often made when booking a DJ.

1. You Have To Trust Your DJ - Many Don’t

Just like any supplier, you have to trust you DJ. Couples wrongly assume that a DJ simply plays music and people dance. In essence, yes, however there is a lot more to it than than that. Simply asking a couple to choose songs to play will not get everyone up and dancing along. A good DJ (as I have explained many times) will know all the breaks in an evening, how to read a room and when to play the right music. You have to trust your DJ to do all these and things and much, much more. Being a good DJ is a lot like chess you have to think many moves ahead to get the result you want. So while your DJ isn’t playing the music you have chosen at that time, he knows when that music will get the best result. Trust your DJ.

2. It’s Not All About Dancing..It Really Isn’t

This is a lesson I have learnt as a DJ, It’s something I have picked over time and time again. In my early days when I had a difficult night I would think back over every little detail, did I play the right music at the right time, did I play all the requests, did I play guest requests, what songs worked well and  what didn’t. I still do, but I am lot easier on myself now I have experience behind me. If your guests aren’t dancing, it doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying themselves, nor does it mean your DJ isn’t doing his job. The mistake here would be to compare your reception to someone else’s, where everyone was dancing all night. There many reasons why people aren't dancing. Are the DJ and the bar in the same room? Are there a lot of rooms with other evening entertainment, Photo Booth, Casinos? Is it a nice evening? Are you the majority of your guests outside? Is the reception room air conditioned? Have you been too rigid with your music choices? Honestly, the list is endless. For these reasons listed and many more, not everyone will be dancing at night. Watch our video which explains this here. 

3. Music Choices - Think About Your Guests

This is where you and your DJ have to work together. I have said this so many times before, if you choose a list of songs that are incredibly personal and close to you and as a result nobody dances. Who’s to blame? Your DJ will be stood there with a load of songs knowing full well no one will be dancing, furthermore your guests will be coming up to him asking him to change the music. The DJ then says, sadly the couple have chosen a lot of the music and been insistent I play these songs. To make it worse the couple are in the room and they don’t dance either. It’s impossible for the DJ, believe me I have been in this situation many times before. It’s horrible. This goes back to what I was saying you have to trust your DJ to guide you though the song selection process and then see what music will work best on the night itself. Watch our video on this subject here.

"The common thread throughout this is without the knowledge and experience of a professional DJ, mistakes can be made".

4. All DJs Are The Same - They Aren’t

This is another point which leads on from the first point, you have to build a rapport with your DJ. You have to get to know them so you can build that rapport and trust like with all your suppliers. Maybe there is still that misconception that all DJs talk over every song, play music you don’t like, wear a tux and haven’t moved with the times. To be honest, I do know a few of those. I think it’s really important to do your research first. Get the recommended suppliers list from your venue, look through the DJs listed, look at their website, social media pages, reviews and testimonials. Start to build up a picture of what you looking for and see if that pictures aligns with the DJs you are looking at. Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for ask if you can meet up with them, maybe at the venue. Then see how well you get on with them. I have written a blog which details what questions you should be asking which can be found here. Don’t settle for the first one you speak to. Just because your venues recommends them it doesn’t mean they are the right DJ for you. 

5. Never Hire A Friend To DJ At Your Reception - You Aren’t Saving Money

The average wedding now costs over £35,000 with 40% of couples going over budget. To make matters worse Covid-19 is forcing couples to move dates, I have some couples who have moved their dates three times. This means those couples have had to cut costs and sometimes find other suppliers. The need to cut costs becomes more and more important. I can not stress enough how much cutting the cost to hire a professional DJ will impact your evening reception. Look at the four points I have written in this blog and then look at the blog I have recently written on this subject. Honestly by hiring a friend to DJ at your evening reception could be one of the biggest mistakes you could make, if that friend isn’t a professional DJ.