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If 2020 was the year we lost everything, let's hope 2021 is the year we reclaim our hopes and dreams.

Happy New Year

So here we are silently tip-toeing into 2021, hoping for so much but as it currently stands expecting very little. In fact the only thing we are hoping for is our lives to be as they were before we even knew what COVID-19 was. We simply want normality. How can anyone possibly sum up 2020? I look at it as a shattered glass, no matter how hard we try to put our lives back together again, they will never be as they were. Everyone has lost something to this life changing pandemic. 

As I look back on 2020, I have to say in the main I have fared better than most. The business suffered huge losses financially but once I accepted that none of this was in my control then suddenly I gained a greater acceptance for the situation I was in.

Sadly we are still not on the right side of this yet, weddings in March, April and May are more than likely going to be postponed or cancelled. I hope as the vaccine roll out speeds up, summer of 2021 may well see us back to work again. If we start work again in June that would be the end of our 15 month holiday. 

I think the hardest thing to do was to keep motivated. In March 2020, when all this started, I continued to film my YouTube videos, continued to post positive news and updates on Social Media and then started a Podcast. In July, when I knew things weren’t improving and more than likely we weren’t going to complete any bookings my confidence and motivation fell off a cliff. The only thing that has kept me going this year has been running. To set my own personal challenges and have something to work towards has given me the motivation to keep going even in the darkest times. 

On the whole, I am a positive person but I think even the most positive person will have found 2020 difficult at times. When so much of your life is taken away it’s hard to find a balance when you are constantly hearing bad news and worst still given no insight as to when this madness will end. The one thing I have always said to myself throughout this, as bad as it seems right now. It will pass. It will get better and will get our lives back. We just have to endure this incredibly difficult and intense period of our lives and wait for the storm to pass.

Although the business has suffered, it hasn’t died. I still have bookings to look forward, I still have enquires coming in, I still have new ideas waiting to be brought to life, I still have new challenges ahead, I still have all those wonderful occasions to look forward to, first dances, last dances, embarrassing Dad dances, tears of joy, belly laughs and the big sing-a-long songs. So while 2020 has taken away so much it hasn't taken away my resolve. I am forever hopeful.

I now have a greater appreciation of what I had and what I have to look forward to

I said throughout 2020 I can not wait to start again and I really can’t. I now have a greater appreciation of what I had and what I have to look forward to. I have so many ideas I want to bring to life and once the money starts to come in again I will share with these ideas with you. I will start my Podcast and YouTube channels again and I will start to post a little more on Social Media. 

So to conclude…here’s to brighter, happier times.