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Latest News - July 2021

We are ready to go...

It’s been a while, so I thought it would be nice to catch up. How have you been? I think the common answer is so-so, fed up or the most popular I just want this whole covid-thing to come to and end. Well, hopefully the end is in sight. Hopefully.

As I have written in my previous blogs and updates we have been incredibly busy making sure when we do start again we are fully prepared. We are. We are itching to get started. We have completed a couple of low-key events both in a DJ and Photo Booth capacity. Although the numbers have been smaller the atmosphere was just the same, they were a joy to attend. Which makes us want to start again so much more. 

We have attended two Wedding Fairs in May and June which were so well attended. In May and June we received forty five new bookings. Most of which came from the Wedding Fairs. We have another Wedding Fair to attend on the 24th-25th July. Which we are very much looking forward to. 

A little behind the scenes news. Given the amount of work we have with bookings moving these last eighteen months and the influx of recent bookings, I have decided I need to share the workload. We already have an amazing team of six which help with the bookings. I can not speak highly enough of their commitment and work, they are a true credit to themselves and the business. 

I need help with the day-to-day side of the business. I have asked Louise to step in and help with the preparations leading up to the bookings themselves. This will include contacting the venues to ensure they have everything they need from us, including all our certificates and we can ask all the questions about timings and getting setting up. We will then go back to the couples with this information so they know everything is in hand. Lastly, this information will be passed onto the team so everyone knows exactly what to expect and where they stand. This is so important, I am confident this will make a huge difference.

We are in the process of adding a second Selfie-Mirror to our product range. This was brought about because of the amount of work which got cancelled because we didn’t have a Selfie-Mirror available for their new dates. Plus, again with the new work which has come in, it’s now something we have to have. We already have dates where both Selfie-Mirrors will be out. So this new investment will prove it’s worth very quickly. 

I don’t want to say too much before we unveil our latest offer. I can say we are very close to finalising and getting the marketing completed which will add a little “extra” to our Selfie-Mirror and Selfie Premium service. This is something which has been in the thought process for many years and I never pursued the idea. The team have been very vocal and said this is something which we very much need to do, so it forced my hand a little. We hope to conclude this by the end of July and then you can see for yourself. I think (I hope) you will like it. 

Depending on how the work goes, this idea will be the last we bring to life this year. That said, next year is shaping up to be another very busy and exiting year. We have a new venture which we hope to launch for Spring 2022. This could be as big and as popular as our Photo Booth and Selfie-Mirror service. We have high hopes. A lot of research has already been completed and what we need has been costed. We just have to get the the logistics in line first, staff, transport and storage. A lot to get through before this idea becomes a reality but once again it’s something we can’t wait to share with you. 

The fact you have chosen us, means the world to us.

In terms of news that’s all I have for now. I just want to assure you that no stone has been left unturned to ensure the bookings we have are given are upmost thought and attention. The fact you have chosen us over others means the world to us and we want to repay your faith in us by showing you, you made the right choice. We care and will show you that in the coming months.

We can not wait to get started again. I am so proud of what we have done to be in the best possible shape as a business and as a team. It’s been tough, but absence makes the heart grow stronger. 

See you soon…