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With so much to consider here are my

Top 5 Wedding Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Top 5 Wedding Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. It’s not something you just throw together in a couple of days. There are so many details which need to be taken into consideration before you book your venue and then the suppliers who bring your dream wedding to life. 

It is so easy to get lost in all the noise and advice you are given as you plan the day of your dreams. You, as a couple have to be crystal clear about what you want for your special day. Remember it’s your wedding, not a community project.

Here are my Top 5 Tips.

1. Make A Huge List

I would recommend you as a couple spend a large amount of time together writing down all the things you want for your special day. You both need to clear your minds and focus, plus you have to be very honest with one another.

I would suggest making a huge list of all the things you want. The type of wedding, Castle, Barn or Country Mansion. How many people do you want to invite? How big do you want your wedding? A small intimate affair or a lavish occasion? Do you you have a theme in mind? Is there something you both have in common? What are your must haves? What do you both love about weddings? What do you hate about weddings? What mistakes do you want to avoid? Do you want a band or DJ? The list of questions is endless but make sure you are both crystal clear about your vision, your dream wedding, the day of your dreams. 

Take as much time as you need but I believe this is one of most important steps.

2. Budget

Once you have both decided the wedding you want you’ll be desperate to start researching all the things you have both discussed.

The average wedding costs £35,000 with 40% of couples going over budget. These figures are staggering.  

You must budget. It's fundimental. There are so many wedding budgeting apps out there, download one and set aside a budget for each part of your big day. Your venue, your dress, the honeymoon your evening entertainment. Go through everything and be honest with one another.

This process will save you the a lot of heartbreak down the line. There will be things that get over looked, so whatever your budget is add 20%. 

Then it’s time to got to work. Once you know your budget and what you want you can begin to barter and haggle with your venue and suppliers. Remember they want your business as much as you want them to work alongside you. You may not get all the things you both desire but with a clear focus and budget in mind you will both know what you are looking to achieve. 

3. Don’t get Overwhelmed

It can very easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed by the whole thing. I always give this advice, little and often. Don’t try and get everything done in the first month. 

Research a supplier, a theme, a style, your dress, your venue each week or every few days. Go to wedding fairs to help with your research. Share the burden with your partner, your family and your close friends, but be clear about what you are both trying to achieve. 

The best person to speak to would be your wedding coordinator from your venue. They plan weddings every day so will know all the answers, help you source the right suppliers and offer you the right advice. 

"Remember it’s your wedding, not a community project".

4. Guest List

One of the biggest expenses you’ll have are the guests you invite. Making sure they are catered for and entertained will eat into your budget quickly. 

Simple maths, if each person has a cost per head of £50 and they are seated as a table of ten then each table will cost you £500. This is something to bear in mind when you start to invite your friends and they bring their partner. Each friend then becomes £100. This can start to cause you a headache really quickly if you are trying to stick to a budget. 

Remember these guests plus your evening guests will have to eat in the evening which is also another expense to consider. 

I know you both want to share your big day with all your friends and family but it’s important to know the cost per head from your venue. It’s this expense which may force you to re-consider other aspects of your big day. So be selective with who you invite.

5. It’s Your Day & Your Rules

Be open and honest with everyone you speak to. Tell them exactly what you want and the budget you have, but don't be so bullish that you don’t listen to advice. Wedding suppliers will know what you are trying to achieve and will do everything in their power to help you. Being open and honest with them will help you get what you want a lot quicker. 

If they can’t offer you what you want but offer you a solution which fits in with your plans then take it. This seems so obvious but you’ll be amazed how much time couples waste time trying to find the perfect solution for every aspect of their wedding. If you get along with the supplier, trust them, they are within budget and they know exactly what you want. Book them. 

Work together as a couple to get your day organised, have fun planning your wedding, understand it will be stressful at times, seek the advice of those who have planned a wedding before, speak to your wedding coordinator about any difficult decisions and lastly most importantly know that by making the right decisions now will ensure you have the wedding you always dreamed of when you first started planning.

Your Day - Your Rules - Your Dreams Come True.