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Why are Photo Booths So Popular At Wedding Receptions?

Photo Booths

Photo Booths have become are so popular at Weddings, when I initially looked into purchasing one I thought this was just another “fad” and the bubble would soon burst. Well that was 2016 and here we are in 2020 with bookings throughout the year going into 2021. I have never been so happy to be wrong.

So why have they stayed the course? Why after all these years are they still so popular? I have always used this line, while we are fascinated with taking pictures of our food and pets Photo Booths will always be popular.

We love sharing a moment in time with people. There are very few moments better than being at a loved one’s Wedding Reception.

If given the choice I would choose the Photo Booth over the Selfie-Mirror every time.

The Photo Booth is classic, going in, closing the curtain, being silly and keeping the photo as a keep-sake. That photo you always look back on and smile when pinned to your fridge. As a couple you receive a hard-back guest book with all your photos to look back on and cherish. Photo Booths are popular because they provide fun, laughter and tears of joy. They capture the moments you would never get without one.

"We love sharing a moment in time with people. There are very few moments better than being at a loved one’s Wedding Reception".

We offer a fantastic Photo Booth service. The cost of which is £345, for three hours, usually from 8.00-11.00. This can be used as much or as little in this time, the photos are unlimited. It comes with a choice of three covers, Camper Van, Film Roll and lastly Champagne Glasses. Your photos will be personalised and dated. Each guest will receive two photos, one to keep and one to add to your album which will be given to you at the end of the evening.

Our Unique Selling Point is our Online Gallery. We quickly worked out that guests were taking photos or their photos and posting them online and some guests felt like they were missing out because only one guest would receive a photo. Our Online Gallery solved both issues. Guests have a exclusive PIN number so they can access their photos are share them to all their Social Media accounts and download them to their phones. We receive so many compliments about this; it’s such a simple but effective way of sharing your special occasion. Much better than having a USB of all your photos that you’ll put in a drawer and forget about.