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We have a lot of new exciting projects which we can't wait to share with you.

It's going To Be A Busy Few Months..

As I mentioned in my previous blog the planning to restart is well underway. All bar one of the latest (and hopefully last) wave of postponements have been moved to their new dates and everyone has been allocated to looking after those bookings.  

I am pleased to say couples are starting to feel a little more positive about planning for their big day too. Which means we have received plenty of new enquires these past few weeks, most of which have resulted in new bookings.  

We are under no illusion that from June those next 12-18 months are going to be a very intense due to the amount of work we have. My job is to manage the work so we don’t burn ourselves out in the first few months. I include myself in that.

The first phase is testing everything piece of equipment we have to ensure when we do start, it is done with complete confidence.  

The biggest test is to ensure all our Photo Booths products work as they should. There is no reason why they shouldn’t, but the mystical gremlins have a way playing of playing havoc when you least expect it. Our plan is to hire a space, put everything together test it. 

All the laptops and printers have been tested and work fine, back up leads for everything have been ordered so we cover ourselves against every eventuality.  

It’s a huge undertaking and one we are taking very seriously. Last job will be to re-cover the booths, so they look fresh and clean ready for the re-start.  

We have just sourced a new supplier and purchased new Guest Books, which look amazing. You will love them. 

On the DJ side of things, I have made countless many playlists to help me keep up to date with all the new trends as well as those hits from yester-year. I have also been practising in the spare room, although its not the same.

Lastly my DJ stand will be getting a new lease of life when it gets powder-coated again, meaning it will look brand new, ready for when we start.  

I have had a little splurge bringing the first wave of new ideas to life. The first of which is branded workwear for me and those who work alongside me. It was put to a vote in our WhatsApp group, everyone agreed branded polo shirts and hoodies for the colder months were a good idea.

We shall be modelling them at our first wedding fair in April. 

Dance Floor. It’s not until you own it do you realise the problems you are going to encounter. Laying the Dance floor is easy, with two people it takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the size. The biggest challenge is moving it from the van to the venue.  

Having given it a lot of thought I have just purchased two additional trolleys. One for the Dance Floor and the other for the edging. This helps because we will no longer be laying half the Dance Floor and then going back to the van to get the other half. We will wheel all three trolleys into the venue and lay the Dance Floor from the trolleys making the whole process a lot easier (I hope). Although stairs will still be a problem! 

We have started the first wave our marketing initiative, with Facebook Advertising. I want us to be in front of our potential customers before they started posting recommendations for our services on the various Facebook groups. Although the campaign has only been running for a couple of weeks, the numbers are encouraging. This will be something we will look to tweak and improve as we start to see the data. I love these types of projects because I know we can really grow the business through this medium of advertising.  


"I have read and researhed so many new way to grow and improve the business".

In world of contactless payments and not being able to touch or hand items to one another, I thought of a new way to promote the business. Tappy Cards. As you can see from the link this an excellent way of sharing your Social Media details quickly and easily without having to print thousands of business cards. These will be perfect for Wedding Fairs and the events themselves, especially the Photo Booths jobs. I have ordered six cards, so one for each of us.  

I still have a number of projects to get underway, but I need the money from the bookings to really get my teeth into these. During the pandemic I have read and researched so many different ways to improve and grow the business. 

One of the hardest challenges for me during the pandemic is not being able to put my ideas into practice. Apart from completing the bookings themselves there is nothing I like more than pulling an idea apart, seeing how I can implement it and making it a part of our business.  

I have always thought if you think small you will always be small. I know I have more to achieve than I have achieved and I’m looking forward to a very bright future. 

Thank you for reading…until next time.