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Let's see how much we have in common..

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us? Why choose us a company over the hundreds who promote the same products? What makes us better or different from the rest? What do we provide that they don’t?

On face value these are perfectly valid questions, questions which I could easily answer. However, if the answers I provide don’t align with your vision or your lifestyle choices we are never going to agree.

Let’s treat this like a nervous first date. Let me explain why and how I run my business, so you have a better understanding of my values and the way I work. I believe once you know me better, we can begin talking about making your dream occasion a reality. Which to use the same analogy leads us to the second date. 

In a World filled with numbers, buzz words and noise it’s extremely easy to get lost and not focus on what matters to you. Let’s compare a company who has 6,500 likes on Facebook against another company who has 1,500, does that matter? Are you basing your buying decision on how popular they are over what service they provide? The company with the smaller number may have more five-star reviews, which for me is the true number you should focus on. Yet some, wrongly assume the more popular they are the better they must be. 

Awards. Do we assume because a company has won a number of awards that they are the best at what they do? Put simply, yes. Yes we do. Why? Because a company with more awards must be better than the one that hasn’t. I have never agreed with this. If you don’t know how the votes were cast and by who, then how do you scale what they are the best at? Plus, if six people enter and one wins, they are only the best of seven not the best at they do. 

These metrics, the number of likes, the number of awards, the number of bookings are simply a need to for them to feel validated. So, in essence you as a customer become another number for them to brag about further down the line. 

How does that make you feel? Not incredibly special. If this person was sat in front of you now and all they did was explain the number of awards they won and how popular they are, well it doesn’t make much of a conversation, does it? I can’t imagine they would get a second date and they certainly won’t be meeting your parents anytime soon. 

Now let me introduce myself. I was that nerdy kid at school with the NHS glasses and an overbite that could open bottles, it’s safe to assume I wasn’t the most popular.

I didn’t start the business to be the best or the most popular because that’s something that doesn’t sit comfortably with me. I don’t feel the need to be recognised as the best because I have already achieved more than I ever thought possible. However, I always believe there is more to achieve than your last milestone. 

My need to better myself isn’t for validation, the more I learn, the better I become and the better the business will be. 

Money isn’t a driving force; it never has been, and it never will be. I believe if you only operate your business to make money than your love for what you do will dry up a lot quicker than the money. A good business operates with passion and money helps it grow. 

The money I make I invest back into the business to improve our service, to provide new products and ideas. That’s why I love having a business, because that same nerdy kid at School can hide away from the madding crowd and just make the one thing, he’s most proud of the very best version of itself. 

I didn't start the business to be the most popular

So, to answer your questions.

Why choose us? Choose us because we care about you and we want you to have special occasion you always dreamed of. Which I know sounds like marketing waffle, but it really is true. We want to be a small part of your big day. 

Why are we different? Because I will talk to you open and honestly, I will answer all your questions, I will use all my experience to make you feel at ease and I won’t make assumptions. I will always make time for you.  

What do we provide that they don’t? I am never more than a text, phone call, email or message away. Day or night you will always get a response. You are more than a number on a spreadsheet, you are more than the money your booking provides, and you are much more than “another booking”. The fact that you have chosen us over others means the world to me and I will do everything in my power to repay your faith. 

Let’s get back to the date analogy. I believe if a couple meeting for the first-time exchange thoughts and ideas about what makes their world spin, and they share the same vison and outlook then you have the perfect chemistry. 

I want to know more about you, I want to know what concerns you have about booking our services and I want to know what questions you may have.  

So I would love to hear from you, I hope I have explained myself and what I stand for and I hope we can go on that second date.