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Why Do I Love Weddings? 

Why Do I Love Weddings?

Why do I love weddings so much? For me it’s twofold, I love being a small part of a big occasion and I love the responsibility bestowed upon me.

My first wedding booking was in April 2010, for Laura & Mark. I truly believe I was more nervous than they were. It’s the sense of occasion, the enormity of it, what it means to everyone, the build up to the big day, the last minute nerves, excitement and expectations. Put simply it’s the biggest occasion of your life. I was fully aware of this that’s why I was so worried, it’s not like you can come back the next day if it doesn’t go to plan. It’s all or nothing. I am pleased to say all my worrying was for was nothing, it was a great evening.

I still feel those same nerves. I am confident enough in my ability but I want everyone to enjoy themselves, it’s my responsibility to ensure that everyone does. That’s why I get nervous, I want to do the very best for the couple, I want to repay their faith in my services.

I believe an evening reception is geared to guests having a good time more than any other. Guests will have been drinking, laughing and joking all day, they are in good spirits before you arrive. They will be looking forward to a few more drinks and a dance later in the evening. You have a captive audience.

To know me is to understand me, I like a big challenge. I do a lot of my work beforehand, preparing playlists. On the night I am always looking at the room, looking at all the groups of guests, which will dance and which won’t, their age groups, how many are at the bar, how many are outside, how many children, the list of things you take into account on the night itself is endless. I try to build a big picture in your head, what music to play and what music to hold back for later. It’s like a game of music poker. 

This may all sound like hard work, but it’s the reason why I love weddings so much. I have all the music, experience and knowledge of how to control an evening. It’s my responsibility to put everything I know into practice. In a strange way it’s me against the guests, how many can I get dancing. 

When people are dancing in front of you, the dance floor is packed and you see everyone enjoying themselves there really is no better feeling. That’s when you have to show your hand (poker reference from earlier). You just have to hope that you have the right picture in your head, the picture you have built up during the evening. Leaving the right songs, for the right moments meaning so you get a collective of people dancing. That takes practice.  A lot of it.

By nature I am not a confident person. I’m an introvert, preferring the quiet life. So DJing may seem like a strange career choice, being the centre of attention, playing loud music with flashing lights. Instead I look at it another way, if I prepare things right, use all my experience and knowledge the music becomes the centre of attention. That’s why I love being a DJ, every night you get the chance to see people laughing, joking, dancing, singing and enjoying themselves. That feeling is like a drug, it’s like no other feeling. It is an addiction. 



"Being a DJ or at the very least being able to do something with music has always been a dream for me".

My business is my life, it’s the one thing I am most proud of. When a couples book me it’s not a booking it becomes a responsibility. They have entrusted me to carry out my promises and take away the worry they may have about their evening entertainment. Their expectations of me is something I take very personally. At times that weighs very heavy on me because I care so much. 

Being a DJ or at the very least being able to do something with music has always been a dream for me. The fact I have been a  DJ for over ten years is a privilege and not something I take for granted. I am incredibly grateful for all the bookings I have received and the constant support from my friends and family. 

As you gain more experience you begin to build strong relationships with the people who work at the venues and the suppliers who regularly work alongside them. You become a family, sharing some of your best and worst stories, you pass work onto one another because you trust them and they trust you too. It’s not the cut throat business it’s sometimes made out to be, it fact it’s the opposite. This is why I love weddings also, it’s the wonderful people you get to meet along the way